Contact Information

Please get in touch with any member of our team via their contact information below. You may also send an email to or call the main number for general inquiries. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Management & Administration

Steve Harker Owner/President 410-803-4800

Settlement Officers

Angela Rojek 443-858-1316 Bel Air fax 410-807-3352
Ann Davidson 443-299-8729 Bel Air fax 410-807-3343
Linda Trotsky 410-925-1059 Bel Air fax 410-803-4404
Richard Hebert 410-459-0908 Bel Air fax 410-803-9710


Kimberly Hillegass 410-803-4800 Bel Air fax 410-807-3346


Silvia Heller 410-803-4800 Bel Air  
Tina Robinson 443-807-1073 Bel Air  


Breanna Baer-Gomez   Bel Air